This is Odysseus (or Telemachus) Fighting off the suitors and this shows disguise because they were both pretending to hold a contest and ended up hosting a war. (Ariel C., Caiti P., Jeen L., Natalia)
This is Odysseus (or Telemachus) Fighting off the suitors and this shows disguise because they were both pretending to hold a contest and ended up hosting a war. (Ariel C., Caiti P., Jeen L., Natalia)

1. Disguise appears in the stories Helen and Menelaus tell about the Trojan horse in three ways. Explain. Who is disguing whom? For what purpose?
2. Athena disguises herself throughout as humans. Explain her appearances, her actions, motives, and her strange exits.
3. Explain how both Proteus and Menelaus use disguise in Book 4.
4. How does Odysseus reveal himself to the King of Phaeacea in Book 9?
5. In what ways does Odysseus use disguise in Book 9?
6. Odysseus uses disguise when he comes back to Ithaka. How does he use his disguise to test the people he meets?
7. Circe and Calypso use some very powerful magic. Do they disguise the hero or the men in any way?
1. The Trojan horse is disguising the Greeks as they are trying to take over Troy. The purpose of this disguise is for the Greeks to get inside the Trojan Walls. The Trojan will take the horse as a sign of surrender and bring it inside Troy. Once the whole city is asleep the Greek will get out of the horse and raid the city.
2. Athena disguises herself throughout as humans, mostly as male humans. Whenever she’s under her disguise she always helps Odysseus get out of danger or lead him to whatever he is searching for. But whenever she doesn’t disguise herself and presents herself to Odysseus is usually to give him advice.
3. In Book 9 Odysseus uses the element of disguise by not revealing his real identity.
4. When Odysseus comes back to Ithaca he uses the disguise of a beggar to test the people he meets, this way people will say the truth and not lie because they know he is Odysseus, and this way once he knows who was “naughty” and who was “nice” he can put his plan into action.
5. Circe and Calypso disguise two different people. For us, we think that Circe disguises the hero, since their victory against the Trojans is very recent, and he still has all his men and boats with him. Then we think Calypso disguises the men, because now he doesn’t have that attitude of a winner, he is now in misery and wishing he could go home. Even though they both disguise Odysseus with very good looks and a “hot” body, they person they disguise is very different deep inside. (Ariel, Natalia, Caiti P, Jeen)

Here is a picture of Circe and after she has turn the men into animals. Circe turns the men into animals because she believes that men are are humans disguised as animals.Circe turns Odysseus men into animals because she believes that men are animals disguised as humans who can not control their desires and follow the Id factor. So Circe does disguise the men, instead she reveals them for who they really are. In this picture/painting the setting is a table decorated with dinning.Woman in painting is Circe , who is leaning over what seems to be jaguars?tigers? with a disliking expression on her face. the animals are hissing and growling at her, returning her dislike.( jeen lorthe)
8. There seems to be a motif of men disguising themselves as beasts in this story. Do you think that there is any greater meaning to this motif?
Answer: As a group, we all agree that the common disguise as animals has a bigger meaning. Honestly, this whole story has had great descriptions such as homer's epic poems. In all of his descriptions although they may seem silly or foolish they portray truth. Odysseus and his men constantly being described as animals shows that these men are not strong or intelligent.We can also say, with these funny yet truthful descriptions when Odysseus finally comes home and is almost done with his journey it is a lot easier to see the change in these men. (Ariel, Natalia, Caiti P, Jeen)
9. See if you can find images of disguises in The Odyssey, or even images of recognition (for example, when father recognizes son, or when the nurse recognizes Odysseus, or when Menelaus recognizes Telemachus).

Here in this image is when Odysseus was disguised as a beggar, so that he could get inside of Ithaka and see what was happening inside the walls. In front of him is his faithful dog Argo. Disguise is a very powerful element all through the Odyssey. Odysseus is a great master at disguise and used it to his advantage. In Book 4, Helen describes how he disguised himself as a beggar in order to sneak into Troy and spy on the city. Helen claims that she recognized him from the start and told him something that would help Odysseus stop his plan of the Trojan horse from failing. Later, thanks to his idea of the Trojan horse, the Greeks finally were able to defeat the Trojans. (Nathalia Leal)