Calypso's name is often translated as "the concealer." Who or what is she concealing? From whom?

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Nok posted this painting of Odysseus and Calypso here. It was painted by Breughel. How is it different than the painting above?
Keep these questions in mind as you research the complex relationship between Odysseus and Calypso. Don't miss the

"Thick, luxuriant woods grew round the cave,
alders, and black poplars, pungent cypress too,
and there, birds roosted, folding their long wings,
owls and hawks and the spread beaked ravens of the sea,
black skimmers who make their living off the waves.
And round the mouth of the cavern trailed a vine
laden with clusters, bursting with ripe grapes.
Four springs in a row, bubbling clear and cold,
running side-by-side, took channels left and right.
Soft meadows spreading round were starred with violets,
lush with beds of parsley. Why, even a deathless god
who came upon that place would gaze in wonder,
heart entranced with pleasure.
Homer, The Odyssey. (Nok)

    • Calypso received Odysseus hospitably, entertained him magnificently, became enamored of him, and wished to retain him forever, conferring on him immortality. But he persisted in his resolution to return to his country and his wife and son. Calypso at last received the command of Zeus to dismiss him. Hermes brought the message to her, and found her in her grotto. (Cordelia)

1. When in his journey does Odysseus meet Calypso?
After He loses all his crew and before he gets home.(Nok)

2. What has he experienced immediately prior to his arrival on her island?
Nok doesn't understand the question!!!

3. How long is he with her?
7 years. (Nok)

4. Why doesn't he leave?
He cannot leave if Calypso doesn't allow him to do so.(Nok)

5. Does he conduct himself nobly?
Yes. Before he meets Calypso, he spends 1 year with Circe just to rest without thinking about going back home. But now, with Calypso, he always wants to go back home. (Nok)
6. Can you find any representations of Calypso in ancient or modern art?
Cd "Calypso is like so.." by Robert Mitchum. In this is sort of looks like the woman is trying to seduce the man and there is a arch in the background, possibly representing the caves. The man is turned away from the woman, maybe showing how Odysseus was turned away from Calypso. (allie) Allie, this image is hilarious. Robert Mitchum is a famous actor. I know him from The Bridge on the River Kwai and movies where he played hard nosed film noire detectives. His characters were always morally ambiguous, rebellious, very selfish, often drunk, and never far from a woman. I can't imagine him singing at all.

7. Does he evoke your sympathy? Why?
Yes, he really wants to go back home, but cannot. He must really miss his wife, son, land, and people. If I did happen to arrest in the island for 7 years, I might get crazy.(Nok)

8. Does he make you angry? Why?
Yes, if he didn't tell his name to the Cyclop, he wouldn't get detained by Calypso like this.(Nok)

9. Magic? Do you buy it?
Nok doesn't understand what is the Magic in this question????

10. Day? Night?
The difference between night and day is that during the day Odysseus sits on the beach and cries for his home and his family. But during the night Odysseus succumbs to Calypso and goes into her caves to make love to her. It is almost like Odysseus is two different people, a heartbroken family man during the day, and completely unfaithful during the night. (allie)

11. Calypso is a witch, just like Circe. Is this just this Circe story all over again? If not, what's different?


Odysseus Meal with the Nymph Calypso
by: Joos de Momper (1564 Antwerpen) cordelia salas**
- Calypso is sometimes named as the concealer because as a goddess she represents the nature of a feminine person. She diverts men from their goals. She thinks women are sex objects for men, and she talks to men in a seductive way to finish them.

In this picture, we see Odysseus sitting near the shore, and Goddess Calypso looking at him in the back. This happens in the fifth book in the odyssey.
Cordelia Salas